General Questions

The African Union Commission and the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) launched the Saving Lives, Economies and Livelihoods campaign to promote hassle-free travel across Africa while preventing cross-border spread of COVID-19 at the same time. Together with its partners, African Union and Africa CDC are providing this Trusted Travel Portal to promote harmonized, standardized and coordinated entry and exit for travelers in African Union Member States by providing access to information on travel restrictions and COVID-19 testing requirements for international travel.

The Africa CDC Trusted Travel portal comes as an innovation approach to support the implementation of the overall campaign on Africa Against COVID_19: saving lives, economies and livelihoods which was Launched on 18th August 2020 during the joint ministerial meeting between the African Union Member States’ Ministers responsible for Health and for Transport. The Launch emphasizes on utilizing technology to establish a multi-country tool/platform to ensure verifiable and credible COVID-19 information exchange within and between different economic regions in Africa.

The platform was rolled out starting on 5th October 2020 as most of African countries were opening up their international borders to facilitate exchange of information about the travelers, pre-entry and exit requirement and availability of testing facilities among each African Union Member States hence creating an enabling environment for smooth travel and movement across borders.

You are advised to visit or use this portal when you are planning to travel or transit within any African Union Member state/ country?.

The Africa CDC trusted travel has three function for all its users

  • Travel requirements: This function provides information on any travel restrictions relevant to a particular country in Africa where someone intends to travel.
  • Digital test Results: This provides information on the COVID-19 test requirements for any African Union Member State. It is also provides information on all accredited COVID-19 testing laboratories from any country of departure within Africa hence enabling travelers access to the nearest COVID-19 testing Centre. Through direct integration with the laboratories, it enables travelers to obtain secure test results from accredited, trusted, COVID-19 test laboratories that can be validated by screening officials at the borders prior to entry.
  • Health Status Report: This function provides information on the health status of any traveler with in African Union Member states. It provides information on his or her COVID-19 results to confirm whether they are positive or negative but also confirm that the test was done from accredited, trusted COVID-19 test laboratories. The information can be shared with clinics, educational institutions and workplaces, among others, by the individual out of their own free will.

Africa CDC trusted portal can be accessed at: Once you are in the portal, you can access the video and other instructional materials that directs you on how to use the portal. Some of the functions such as travel requirements can be accessed once you are at the home page of the portal by:

  1. Selecting the country and airport of departure
  2. Selecting the country and airport of arrival
  3. Select transit country if applicable
  4. Requesting the restriction

You can sign up by creating an account to the portal to access more features of the platform


The trusted travel portal is established using a micro-app approach that allows integration of functionalities provided by multiple providers. The portal will expand its functionality to include:

  1. More functions as may be required based on the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic in the continent;
  2. The availability of more information and services among the African Union Member States.

This portal can be accessed by anyone anywhere who intends to travel within any African Union Member states as the information on the portal is only restricted to AU member states. However work continues to ensure that persons travelling into African countries from outside the AU can also use the platform.

There are mainly 4 user categories of this portal

  • Public Health Authorities: The public health Authority of a particular country within African Union Member states can use this portal to add a specific health travel restriction offer or counter offer of that specific country. A Country’s public health authority is also able to add and monitor trusted COVID-19 Test laboratories with in a country, you can also view a list of trusted laboratories in any other African member state. The Authority can digitally confirm travel clearance.
  • COVID-19 Laboratory test providers: Laboratory service providers can administer relevant test and generate a traveler’s test result that cannot be forged by providing a seal to each test done.
  • Airline operators: The portal helps the airline operators to acquire information on the travel restrictions between the country of departure and destination for a particular traveler. Airline operators can digitally confirm the authencity of the test results of a particular traveler by confirming the trusted laboratories from the departure and arrival ports.
  • Travelers: Travelers are able to get information about the available travel restrictions between their country of departure and that of their destination or transit. It also provides information on the accredited COVID-19 testing laboratories in any country you would like to test from and be to get your nearest testing Centre.

If you are not able to access the Africa CDC trusted portal, kindly confirm that:

  1. Your device is connected to internet
  2. You are using the correct address for the portal:
  3. c. Sign up the credentials that you provided when you were setting up the account
  4. If you are still facing some challenges and you are in the airport where our staff are located, visit the Africa CDC booth and our staff will support you.
  5. You can also call the advertised hotline or use the chat box on the portal to interact with our support team